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Some PA Budget-Related Legislative Movement on Monday

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The state Senate met in a voting session on Monday with the Senate Appropriations Committee and then the full Senate as well as the state House of Representatives’ Appropriations Committee advancing legislation that is expected to be part of the package of bills needed to complete Pennsylvania’s state budget of which there are still seven months for which to provide. Senate Bill 1350 is currently a supplemental appropriations bill for the 2020-2021 General Fund budget, a legislative vehicle that could be amended at some point – GOP staff remain hopeful that it will be this week – when budget conversations produce a final product. The bill was reported out of the House Appropriations Committee yesterday and has already had its first day of consideration by the full House, positioning it for potential amendment when the House is in voting session on Wednesday with the possibility of a final vote on Thursday. No solid details have emerged regarding the budget other than that it’s not likely to have too much additional spending beyond what was spent throughout the prior year given the state’s current fiscal situation due to COVID-19 and the mitigation policies pursued with the goal of slowing the spread of the virus. There could be some areas that see targeted spending cuts, though with the sizable amount of mandatory expenditures in Pennsylvania’s budget, areas that can be cut are limited.

Source: Capitolwire: Under The Dome, November 17, 2020