Next Meeting for the Coalition for the MH Safety Net — August...

Next Meeting for the Coalition for the MH Safety Net — August 4

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In an effort to continue the work of the Coalition communications work group, a full committee meeting will be convened on August 4, 2022, from 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm in order to discuss next steps. While the amount of increased county funds appears to be $15M, this is not confirmed. There also appears to be a one-time commitment of $100M, again, without detail. Finally, there is the requirement to develop a Behavioral Health Commission, which will explore BH needs across the commonwealth. The communications work group sees some opportunities to connect and educate this group of people.

The meeting on August 4 will:

  • Review the communications group efforts during the budget period;
  • Discuss strategies to educate the BH commission members;
  • Recruit more communications work group members; and
  • Set goals for the 2023/24 budget year.

Please contact Sarah Eyster with questions. Register for the meeting here.