Thoughts of a “Veteran” Mom

Thoughts of a “Veteran” Mom

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(shared by the mother of two sons with intellectual & developmental disabilities/autism, Nechel spoke at the Capitol at one of our recent rallies)

My name is Nechel. My education is in art education. I am no doctor, so do your own research, I can only speak from my experiences, and would like to share them with you.

I have two sons, 22/21; both are on the autism spectrum. My 22-year-old was diagnosed at three years and has high functioning Asperger’s with severe generalized anxiety. Secondary diagnoses are sensory integration disorder, OCD, ADHD. My 21-year-old was diagnosed at 11 months old. He actually has two primary diagnoses – severe autism with aggression and ID. Secondary diagnosis – SI, OCD, language delay, ADHD.

Both sons struggled with childhood sicknesses like most do, including allergies, RSV, croup, ear infections, sinus infections, etc. My youngest son suffered more with these illnesses, which exacerbated the aggressive behaviors! He was taking an average of eight antibiotics per year! He has had six sets of ear tubes, tonsillectomy, sinuses were cauterized, but still needed to be on antibiotics several times a year! His health was impacting behaviors and therapies profoundly. I went on a mission to get my sons healthier.

We have tried many therapies and services over the years, both outpatient and in school. We have utilized Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and assistive technology for language including devices such as “Say it Sam,” and Prologue2go. We have explored/accessed BCBA, BSC, TSS, MT, talk, special school programs, social groups, different foods, and therapies such as play, equine, and music. We have been to specialists, and experimented with homeopathic medicine, and many medication trials!!

I have been using all natural items I have researched in determining each boy’s needs. I capsulize several items for ease of dispensing and avoiding sensory issues. The silver tastes like water so I add to drinks. My sons use immune boosting supplements such as a multivitamin, D3, B-complex, Zinc, Magnesium, Probiotics, and Melatonin. For anxiety, one of my sons uses CBD, Bergamot tablet/roll-on, and Valerian root. My 22-year-old son is now off all prescription medications. My 21-year-old has now gone almost five years with no need for antibiotics, and five fewer prescriptions!

Both use natural remedies such as Mullein EO, sovereign silver liquid/nasal spray PRN for allergies. At the onset of any illness symptoms, we use oregano, elderberry, increase D3, increase Zinc, C, and sovereign silver (liquid, spray).

Due to dietary selectiveness, I utilize a vegetable and fruit-based protein powder with probiotics to bake cookies/brownies. Utilize whatever way works for your child. Amazing flavor, several flavor options, with no chalkiness! I replace flour with this product, undetected!

One experience I would like to share is extraordinary. I learned about Red Pine Needle Oil. Several studies on this refer to use in people with autism, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia, in regards to language, mental clarity, and neurological transmitter repair. In the studies I reviewed, EVERY participant showed some type of improvement! So I had nothing to lose! My oldest son, at age 20, had very limited functional language. He spoke in one word responses, and never wrote anything independently. On the second day using red pine needle oil, he spoke independently and clearly, “Pennsylvania polka calendar!” On the fourth day, he said “I love you” to me for the first time ever, independently and clearly! By the second week, he was writing independently, legibly, and spelled “beach hotel!!!” Of course, his favorite place on Earth. Since then, we hear new language all the time. He writes many requests/words!!!

What if we utilized these methods alongside traditional therapies? What if you had a child to work with that was healthier, clearer thinking, lower anxiety, with behaviors lessened? How much more effective would these traditional therapies be?? With this holistic approach, how much more progress could we attain with our amazing children?? Take it day by day! Start with one product and grow it! Don’t forget, you are all warriors!



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