AAW Provider Information Table Updated: ODP Announcement 22-038

AAW Provider Information Table Updated: ODP Announcement 22-038

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) has updated the AAW Provider Information Table and published ODP Announcement 22-038 to reflect the April 1, 2022, waiver amendment. Amended sections and new text in the table are highlighted in gray. The updated Provider Information Table includes these highlights:

  • Clarification that the waiver cannot be used to fund home accessibility durable medical equipment that is covered under the Medical Assistance State Plan.
  • Clarification of delivery of services while the participant is hospitalized. The requirements in the waiver will become effective when Appendix K flexibilities expire, six months after the expiration of the federal COVID-19 public health emergency.
  • Extension of timeframes for staff training or credentialing for employment-related service.
  • Increase in the threshold for obtaining an independent evaluation for assistive technology devices.
  • Clarification on the inclusion of physical restraints in the behavioral support plan.
  • Requirements for obtaining criminal history clearances for staff.
  • Aligning level of care reevaluation procedures with current practice.
  • Other changes designed to align the AAW, where practical, more closely with the Consolidated, Person/Family Directed Support and Community Living waivers.
  • Expanded sections on provider qualifications for each service.

Providers are reminded that they are responsible for being aware of any changes to definitions of services they provide and ensuring that individuals furnishing direct services are fully qualified before providing services to AAW participants.

The AAW amendment effective April 1, 2022, is available on the Department of Human Services’ website or here.

Questions or comments about this communication can be sent to ODP via email.


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