Action Needed: Gov. Wolf Re-Submits Overtime Rule to the IRRC

Action Needed: Gov. Wolf Re-Submits Overtime Rule to the IRRC

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Governor Wolf has re-submitted his Overtime Rule to the Independent Regulatory Review Commission (IRRC). As you may recall, the Pennsylvania Senate towards the end of the Fall Session voted in favor of SB 79 to gradually increase Pennsylvania’s minimum wage to $9.50/hour over the next 18 months to two years. Prior to the Senate approving SB 79, the State Senate and Governor Wolf agreed to increase the state’s minimum wage by $2.25 from the current rate of $7.25, and in conjunction for raising the minimum wage, the Governor would not submit his proposed rule to expand overtime to low level managers for the next two years, until after the next governor is elected.

Despite the agreement between the State Senate and the Governor, SB 79 is now in the House Labor and Industry Committee, where it appears it will not receive a vote; therefore, the Governor has resubmitted his Overtime to Rule to the IRRC. The IRRC has placed the Governor’s Overtime Rule on its January 31 agenda.

RCPA, along with other statewide business groups and associations, are asking members to IMMEDIATELY contact House Leadership and members of the House Labor and Industry Committee, requesting that SB 79 receive a favorable vote out of committee and have a vote on the House floor.

Talking Points
RCPA supports an increase in the minimum wage for entry level health care workers. With an increase to minimum wage, the General Assembly needs to appropriate supplementary monies to cover the additional costs providers will incur to increase wages for managerial workers.

Most employers are already paying new hires and existing employees more than the proposed increase to the minimum wage in SB 79, due to market demands.

The Governor’s Overtime Rule will have a more detrimental effect on employers than an increase to the minimum wage. Questions, please contact Jack Phillips.


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