CMS Vaccine Mandate for All ICFs

CMS Vaccine Mandate for All ICFs

A message from Kevin Dressler, Bureau Director of the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP):

The CMS Interim Final Rule outlining the Vaccination Requirements for all staff and contractors providing services for Medicare and Medicaid certified providers published on 11-05-21 applies to Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs). Below are several links outlining the Vaccine Requirements and Deadlines associated with the Interim Final Rule.

Please contact your ODP Regional Office liaison if you have concerns meeting the demands of the Vaccination Mandate.

Kevin Dressler | Bureau Director
Department of Human Services
Office of Developmental Programs
Bureau of State Operated Facilities
Room 508 Health & Welfare Bldg | Harrisburg, PA 17120
Office Phone: 717-425-5686
Cell Phone: 570-809-3759
Fax: 717.787.6583


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