DHS ODP Act 24 Funds Interim Reporting

DHS ODP Act 24 Funds Interim Reporting

*Message from ODP*

Good afternoon,

As of last week, ODP has not received interim reports from 334 providers who received Act 24 funds. If your agency’s MPI is listed in this Excel file, we have not yet received your interim report on the use of the funds. ODP will be required to recoup and return any unused or unreported Act 24 funds to the federal government, so it is very important for all providers who received Act 24 funds to ensure that their reporting contact is correct, that they have access to the online reporting tool, and that they submit both the interim and final cost report. The interim reporting tool remains open at this time. It is expected that the final reporting tool will be available on December 2 and providers will need to submit prior to December 21. Please direct any questions to Rick Smith.


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