Governor Wolf Urges Trump for New Stimulus Package

Governor Wolf Urges Trump for New Stimulus Package

In a letter to President Donald Trump, Governor Wolf outlined the urgency for the President to  immediately restart negotiations with Congress around a new stimulus package that would help fund the 300 Regional Response Healthcare Collaborative Program (RRHCP), and hundreds of members of the PA National Guard who are assisting in long-term care homes. The grant funding for these programs are set to end December 31, 2020. The need comes at a critical junction when PA is dealing with both the effects of this pandemic on its citizens and getting communities back on their feet.

The RRHCP program has been incredibly effective at helping Pennsylvania mitigate the spread of COVID-19, and respond quickly and appropriately when case outbreaks have occurred in long-term care facilities.

RCPA stands in full support of Governor Wolf’s letter and efforts to stabilize funding for these and all programs that serve Pennsylvanians, including the most vulnerable citizens that we directly serve.


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