Health Alerts and Updates for ICF Providers

Health Alerts and Updates for ICF Providers

A Message from Kevin Dressler:

Health Alert Updates

Please see the three Health Alert Network (HAN) updates from the Department of Health regarding treatment for COVID positive people, as well as work restrictions for exposure and return to work guidance. These HANs have been updated over the past two weeks, can be of assistance in updating your COVID response plans, and have components built into them to assist in mitigating staff shortages.

You can also find information at the DOH HAN website.

Department of Health Division of ICF

I would like to announce to the group and welcome Susan DiFuccia as Acting Chief of the Division of ICF. She replaces Orlando Hernandez, whom recently retired after an honorable career in the DOH Division of ICF. Susan has been the Supervisor for the Jackson Center and Pittsburgh DOH survey teams for many years as well as a respected member of the DOH Division of ICF, whom will thrive in her new role.

ICF Taskforce Meeting

The next ICF Taskforce Meeting will be held on February 24, 2022, from 1:00 pm–3:00 pm. A link to the meeting will be forthcoming. If you have any specific topics, please send them to me for possible inclusion in the meeting agenda.

6600 Regulations Update

The 6600 regulations update will be shared for public comment in the coming weeks. Please look for them and provided comments as designated in the announcement. There will also be an opportunity to discuss the regulations at the next ICF Taskforce Meeting.


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