ICF/ID Budget Instruction Clarifications

ICF/ID Budget Instruction Clarifications

Message from the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP):

To:  ICF/ID Administrators, CFOs, Financial Personnel, Consultants

ID-47 Waiver Submission (Budget Change Requests)

It has been brought to our attention that Appendix D (Historic Commonwealth Documentation Required For Budget Change Requests) items #26 and #31 state that 3 bids are required for purchases or repairs over $1,000. ß This is inconsistent with regulation 55 Pa code §6211.84 which states:

  • Purchase of services, major renovations, capital equipment, and supplies that exceed $5,000 annually must be made through a competitive bidding process or a request for proposal process.

ODP will NOT be requiring competitive bids for items with less than $5,000 annual cost.

Please keep in mind that Appendix D has not been updated or reviewed by ODP since 2006. If you have specific questions regarding documentation required to support your Budget Change Requests, please contact Steve Evitts.

ID-46 Cost Report Electronic Submission

  • ODP email accounts cannot receive zip files
  • Please send unzipped cost report and support files to:

Thank you,

Pamela S. Gilbert | Fiscal Manager
PA Department of Human Services | Office of Developmental Programs
Bureau of Financial Management and Program Support
USPS & InterOffice: P.O. Box 2675 | Forum Place, 8th Fl., ODP Suite | Harrisburg, PA 17105
FedEx/UPS:  555 Walnut St. | 8th Fl., ODP Suite | Harrisburg, PA  17101
Phone:  717.787.7123 (currently voicemail only)


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