ICF Update: Election/Voting, CLIA Waiver and Measures for Use and Distribution of...

ICF Update: Election/Voting, CLIA Waiver and Measures for Use and Distribution of PPE

Message from Kevin Dressler

Election/ Voting

The deadline to register and also submit for mail in ballots for the upcoming general election is rapidly coming upon us. I wanted to send out the link to the Voting in PA website for any information you need to assist the people you support to be prepared to vote in the upcoming election, if they desire to do so. The deadline to register to vote is October 19 and this can be completed online. Mail in ballots need to be received at the respective election district by 5pm on October 27. The applications for voter registration and the mail in ballot application can be found at the following link: www.votespa.com. I have also included CMS guidance surrounding voting that was issued to nursing homes on this topic as a reference. I not aware of any specific guidance from CMS issued to the ICFs at this time on this subject. Please make every effort to support the people we serve in voting if they desire to do so in the general election on November 3.

CLIA Waiver

The ODP Regional ICF leads are going to be reaching out to determine which ICFs have a CLIA waiver to provide on site testing and what can be tested under the approved waiver. Please respond promptly to their request.

Secretary of Health Order on PPE

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Department of Health Secretary’s Order Directing Long-Term Care Facilities to Implement Measures for Use and Distribution of Personal Protective Equipment.


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