ODP Delays Revised Incident Management Bulletin

ODP Delays Revised Incident Management Bulletin

As a result of the impacts of COVID-19, the Department of Human Services, Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) is delaying the issue and effective dates for the revised Incident Management Bulletin that were previously communicated in ODP Announcement 19-156. ODP Announcement 20-053 announces the new issue date is targeted for October 2020 with an effective date of January 2021. Modifications to the Enterprise Incident Management (EIM) system are also being delayed until January 2021.

As the system transitions to comply with the Incident Management sections of 55 Pa. Code Chapter 6100, providers will continue to report and investigate incidents as outlined in the current Incident Management Statement of Policy, 55 Pa Code Chapter 6000 Subchapter Q.

Effective January 2021, ODP will align: (1) Chapter 6100 Incident Management sections (replacing Chapter 6000 subchapter Q), (2) implementation of the Incident Management Bulletin, and (3) implementation of technology updates to the EIM system.

Supports Coordination Organizations are still expected to report incidents for individuals suspected or confirmed of having COVID-19 when there is no other reporting provider, as previously communicated in ODP Announcements 20-037 and 20-049.


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