Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Reopening of the Order of Selection

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Reopening of the Order of Selection

The purpose of this message is to advise that the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) has announced the reopening of their Order of Selection effective 07-01-21.

The Office of Long-Term Living’s (OLTL) Employment Bulletin details the process for accessing employment services when OVR is operating under an open order of selection. Referrals to OVR must be made before Medical Assistance waiver-funded employment-related services can be authorized unless the participant has already been deemed ineligible by OVR and/or has a closed OVR case. Also, if OVR has not made an eligibility determination within 120 days of a referral, then OVR services are considered to not be available to the participant, and OLTL employment services may be provided under an OLTL Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) program.

If you have any questions, please contact Edward Butler in the OLTL Bureau of Policy Development and Communications Management at 717-214-3718 or by email.

Fady is responsible for policy and regulatory matters related to Physical Disabilities and Aging, with primary focus on personal assistance, employment services, and service coordination. Emphasis is placed on engaging the Office of Long-Term Living and the Community HealthChoices Managed Care Organizations, coordination of care with Behavioral HealthChoices MCOs, and collaborations with other advocacy and provider associations. Fady is also the President / CEO of ProVantaCare, an RCPA-affiliated company focused on contracting with MCOs, and is the President of XtraGlobex, a consulting firm focused on Value-Based Payment contracting. He brings extensive experience in the advocacy and operations of human services providers in physical disabilities and aging, from his role at Liberty Resources, Inc., and his service with a number of nonprofit services providers. He earned an MBA in Marketing from The University of Tennessee and a PhD in Organizational Leadership from Capella University.


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