OVR Guidance and Skype Meeting Planned

OVR Guidance and Skype Meeting Planned

OVR has released guidance on the provision of vocational rehabilitation services during a period of state mandated mitigation strategies for slowing the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

All Commonwealth businesses should follow the most recent guidance issued by the Governor’s Office. Please reference the guide for Responding to COVID-19 in Pennsylvania for updated information.

Opportunities for staff and providers to ask questions and discuss the instructions given in the memos regarding OVR services during this time period will occur via Skype webinars on Tuesday, April 7, 2020. Information regarding these webinars will be forthcoming.

Please visit the Department of Community & Economic Development’s (DCED) website for resources for businesses affected by COVID-19, along with a current list of businesses allowed to operate and the waiver/exemption form (if applicable).

Vendors are responsible for ensuring that they are adhering to the Governor’s direction, universal precautions, and social distancing requirements. This information is intended to be a guide regarding the allowable services and service provision methodologies OVR will be adhering to during the COVID-19 mitigation response and does not apply to any other circumstance.

General Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Vocational Rehabilitation Services are considered an allowable business in accordance with the direction of the Governor’s office and as referenced on the DCED website. The nature of vocational rehabilitation services normally requires activities to be performed in person. Accordingly, OVR will be working with its vendor community to implement alternative service provision to allow services to continue where possible. However, it is the responsibility of the vendor to direct their staff in accordance with the requirements outlined by the Governor, their governing agencies, boards, commissions, and/or executive leadership.

For information regarding what services are able and unable to be performed at this time, refer to the above document. If you are unsure of how to proceed, please contact your local OVR District Office.


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