Pandemic-Related Nonprofit Unemployment Claims Survey – Response Requested

Pandemic-Related Nonprofit Unemployment Claims Survey – Response Requested

RCPA has been and continues to work with the Pennsylvania Association of Non-Profit Organizations (PANO) on unemployment issues that have arisen during the pandemic.  Specifically, the largest issue we have been working on is self-insured unemployment compensation claims. PANO has asked RCPA to circulate an unemployment claims survey to our members. RCPA is pleased to work with PANO on this issue. 

PANO has sent the information below to various non-profit entities. In addition, you will find the link to the unemployment survey. Please take the time to fill this survey out and share the survey with other non-profits in your area. 

PANO Information

Since the pandemic started, more than 33% of nonprofits in the United States are in danger of closing within two years in the aftermath of COVID-19 (2021 Candid and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy). As of December 2020, an estimated 60,000 nonprofit employees have been laid off in Pennsylvania.

While many nonprofits found relief from the federal government through various federal programs, loans, and grants, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has not yet provided direct, designated relief clearly needed by their partners in the nonprofit sector, who provide state-mandated and grassroots services for our most vulnerable residents.

One way the state can provide this direct relief is by offering 100% reimbursement for COVID-19-related unemployment compensation claims to all nonprofits, particularly reimbursable organizations (who pay the state back on a claim-by-claim basis).

If you have had any unemployment claims at all, please participate in this 10-question survey and fill in as many fields as possible, including, but not limited to, your status as a contributory vs. reimbursable employer. We are looking for information from nonprofits of all sizes, big and small, so please pass this on to any of your nonprofit colleagues who can contribute.

Together, we are strong! Let’s use our collective voice to make changes in Pennsylvania’s unemployment system.


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