RCPA Telehealth Update & Resources

RCPA Telehealth Update & Resources

As organizations continue the practice of telehealth, outcomes continue to support telehealth utilization and expansion, as well as the development of resources and guidance. In the coming weeks, RCPA will release the results of its recent telehealth member survey as a follow up to the original RCPA Telehealth Survey Overview in 2020. This updated initiative, in partner with Woods Services, takes a deeper look into the intersects of service delivery, funding, and satisfaction metrics. This new RCPA Telehealth overview will be available the week of March 29, 2021.

The Department of Health and Human Services recently shared a new best practice guide on telehealth for behavioral health care. Behavioral health – like other areas of health care – has changed significantly due to the COVID-19 public health emergency. It is now easier for mental health providers to offer and be reimbursed for telebehavioral health services. Telehealth can also make behavioral health services safer, more private, and convenient for patients who can access care from their home. Find resources in the telebehavioral health best practice guide on getting started, developing a strategy, billing, preparing patients, and more.

Additionally, in response to the increased use and expanded coverage of telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic, CMS’s From Coverage to Care (C2C) released two new resources to support providers and patients in making the most of virtual care:

  • Telehealth for Providers: What You Need to Know – Providers can learn how and when to use telehealth. Topics include how to set up telehealth services, how to conduct a successful visit, and how to keep up to date on telehealth payment (particularly for Medicare and Medicaid).
  • Telehealth: What to Know for Your Family – Patients can find out the types of care they can receive through telehealth, how to prepare for an appointment, what to expect during a visit, and more. This resource is also available in Spanish.

Providers and partners can download graphics to post on their social media channels and help spread the word about these new resources. All of these resources can be downloaded at go.cms.gov/c2ctelehealth.

If you have feedback or questions regarding your organization and telehealth, please contact RCPA Policy Director Jim Sharp.



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