Reach Out to US Senators Casey and Toomey: Impact of Unemployment Compensation...

Reach Out to US Senators Casey and Toomey: Impact of Unemployment Compensation on Nonprofits in PA

RCPA has been collaborating with the Pennsylvania Association for Nonprofit Organization (PANO) on a few issues over the past several weeks. One of those issues is how unemployment compensation is affecting RCPA members and other nonprofits. The Federal Government has legislation that will help alleviate nonprofit organizations concerns around the unemployment compensation issue. PANO has sent out the following alert to its nonprofit members; RCPA is passing along the alert because we know some of our members are affected by this issue.

The bipartisan Protecting Nonprofits from Catastrophic Cash Flow Strain Act (S. 4001) solves half of the problems nonprofits are facing with the enormous costs of reimbursing their states for benefits paid to laid off or furloughed employees. Specifically, the bill would correct the Labor Department’s interpretation that reimbursing employers must pay 100% of unemployment claims up front and then wait to get repaid 50% later. The bill currently has 16 cosponsors, evenly split between the political parties.

ACTION ITEM: Reach out to Senator Casey (D) and Senator Toomey (R) and urge them to co-sponsor S. 4001 and demand a vote this week before the Senate leaves for its July 4 break. It’s only half the unemployment insurance (UI) challenge for reimbursing employers, but it’s the most time-sensitive.

Contacting your Senators is easy. Simply email or tweet this message to each:

“@[SenatorTwitterHandle], #nonprofits in our state must have immediate relief from catastrophic cash flow strains caused by flawed Labor Department guidance. Cosponsor and insist on Senate passage this week of the bipartisan S.4001. #Relief4Charities”

For more information, read this article in today’s Nonprofit Quarterly: Act Now to Protect Nonprofits from Government-Induced Cash-Flow Strain.

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